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BERNARD HERRMANN: The Day the Earth Stood Still (in Full Score)

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Bernard Herrmann wrote one of his most iconic works for Robert Wise's 1951 classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still, a film about visitors from outer space sent to Earth to share a warning for humanity. The Day the Earth Stood Still has earned its status as one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. Herrmann's music is equally unforgettable.

Neumation Music is proud to present Herrmann's score for the first time in study score format. 

Foreword by Leonard Slatkin, Conductor Laureate of St. Louis Symphony!

This edition was carefully engraved from Bernard Herrmann's handwritten manuscripts.

116 pages. 9 x 12 inches. Paperbound. Printed in the USA



Foreword (Conductor: Leonard Slatkin)

Introduction (Craig Lysy)

Theremin (Essay: Charlie Drapier)

Organs (Essay: Brandon Drake)

Table of Contents


R1P1 Prelude
R1P1A Outer Space
R1P2 Radar
R1P4 Danger
R1P5 Klaatu
R2P1 Gort
R2P1A The Visor
R2P1AX  The Ray
R2P1B  The Telescope
R3P1 The Escape
R3P2  Arlington
R3P2A  Solar Diamonds
R4P1  Lincoln Memorial
R6P1 Nocturne
R6P2 The Flashlight
R6P2A The Robot
R6P3 Space Control
R7P1XY The Elevator
R7P1A The Magnetic Pull
R7P2 The Study
R7P2A The Conference
R7P2B The Jewler
R7P2C 12:30
R8P1 Alone
R9P1 Panic
R9P1AX The Glowing (X)
R9P1AY The Glowing (Y)
R9P1A Alone
R9P1B Gort's Rage
R9P1C Nikto
R9P1D Captive
R10P1 Rebirth
R10P2 Departure
R10P3 Farewell
R10P4 Finale