About Us

Neumation Music follows a three phase process: identification, procural, and production

For the identification phase, we spend quite a bit of time determining if a particular score has the musical breadth to make it suitable for a study score book. Some great scores just don’t have enough going in terms of orchestration, structure, or cultural impact to make a book viable.  We place emphasis on music that is culturally significant

For the procural phase, we first do some preliminary research to determine if the written manuscript and/or parts exist. Some scores are lost (see: MGM “holocaust”) and some require a considerable about of bureaucracy to access. Film scores have a long (and sad) history of either rotting on a shelf, being discarded, being kept under lock and key,  or disappearing. 

After we have inspected the materials, we apply for the publication license. At this point, we then move onto the production phase. We use Sibelius for the engraving and Adobe InDesign for layout. The presentation of the overall package  is very important and I spend a lot of time making sure simple things like typefaces, spacing, and formatting are aesthetically pleasing. Presentation is an important part of properly preserving the music and the composer’s legacy.

Archival Services

Neumation offers a variety of archival support services to ensure that your music materials are preserved for the future. Please view the Archive Services tab for more information.