Got questions? We've got answers!

Can you publish the score to [insert title here]?

We are open to suggestions! Email us at: info@neumation-music.com.

Some scores are lost or logistically difficult, but anything's possible.

Are the composers involved with your books?

We inform composers or their estate of our plan to publish a score. We will not publish music that a composer has requested we not release. We want our books to properly represent the composer's work and we welcome as much collaboration as schedules and interest allow.

Will your books be available digitally?

Our complete score books will only be available as hardcopy, bound books. We will have a series of "Performance Edition" scores that will he available digitally.

Why is your book not available for purchase in my country?

The print rights for a score may be controlled by several separate companies for different regions of the world. When this is the case, worldwide licensing may be cost prohibitive, logistically difficult, or extremely slow to secure. We do what we can to make the books available to as many people around the globe as possible. If a particular book isn't available to ship to your country, it may become available at a later date.