Research & Archival Support


Neumation Music provides research consultation for institutions, record labels, publishers, and private clients. We can conduct research for a variety of music related topics including: copyright ownership, copyright registration, assignments, renewals and related documentation.* We have experience investigating the records and databases at the United States Copyright Office and Library of Congress in Washington DC among other sources.

With information gathered from this research, we can trace copyright ownership (known as “the chain of title”) to determine the first date of publication, or find out if copyright for a work has been renewed. This information can be valuable for those who need to secure licensing for commercial releases or for scholars who require this information for academic use.

Neumation uses the term "Music Archaeology" to descibe this research process. What this involves is dependant upon the needs of the client. We have been able to recover "lost" music that has not been seen for decades. This has been possible with infomation aquired from extensive archive explorations, records searches, and geneological people-research to locate heirs of composer estates. 

*Please consult an attorney if your project is commercial in nature. Neumation Music gathers this data for infomative purposes only and does not provide legal advice.

Archival Support

Neumation Music also provides a variety of archival services to digitize and preserve your music scores and recordings. It is our goal to make sure all phyiscal assets are kept safe and accessable for the future. We primarily consult working musicians and estates, by helping to identify materials of significant historical value and determing methods best suited for preservation. This may include: long-term storage, donation, sale at auction, or home-based storage options.


We use non-invasive techniques to avoid removing the binding and causing damage to fragile materials. Digital files will be provided as high-resolution, color TIFFs and/or PDFs.
  • over-size scores
  • manuscripts
  • sketch books
  • parts
  • documents

*scanning can be done on-site at your location

Tape Transfer

We can transfer a variety of physical formats* and deliver them in a ProTools session or format of choice:


*please inquire about other formats as we may be able to find solutions for your needs

Legacy Format Transfer

We can convert a variety of legacy sample and notation formats* into modern formats:

Sample CDs, floppies (double density), ROM cartridges, SCSI, ENCORE, etc

*please inquire about other formats as we may be able to find solutions for your needs

Engraving and Music Preparation

We can engrave your handwritten music into digital form. Our primary notation platform is Avid’s Sibelius.