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JOHN BARRY: The Last Valley (in Full Score)

JOHN BARRY: The Last Valley (in Full Score)

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In between James Bond films, John Barry was busy expanding his resume with serious dramatic scores such as The Lion in Winter (1968), for which he won his second Academy Award. In 1965, Barry worked with director James Clavell on King Rat and after the success of The Lion in Winter, Clavell reunited with Barry and selected him to provide a score for the historical drama The Last Valley, an adaptation of J.B. Pick's novel set during the Thirty Year's War. The result was a deeply reverent, moving score that used a similar palate to that which Barry used for Lion, a large orchestra and the Voices of the Accademia Monteverdiana choir.

As was typical of Barry's writing at the time, The Last Valley is an economical score. Despite being large in scale, it is remarkably simple in construction, almost minimalist with its repetitive rhythmic figures and stark sparseness. This approach works incredibly well and is a testament to Barry's ability to craft effective, elegant music with limited musical resources. The Last Valley has long been heralded as one of Barry's best scores and it now can be presented complete in it's original form.

This edition was engraved from manuscripts in the hand of Bobby Richards.

Includes a foreward by film music historian and journalist Jon Burlingame!

9x12 inches. 245 Pages. Paperbound. Printed in the USA




Foreward (by Jon Burlingame)


Table of Contents


1M1 Main Title
1M2 The Rape of Khutai
2M1 The Plague Pit (original)
2M1R The Plague Pit (revised)
2M2 The Last Valley
3M1 Winter in the Valley
3M2 The Death of Eskeson
4M1 Captain Meets Erica
5M1 Children's Song
5M2 The Shrine
5M3X A Children's Song
6M1  The Need for Cunning
6M2 Winning Erica
6M3 Approaching the Shrine (original)
6M3R Approaching the Shrine (revised)
6M3A Graf and Vogel Succeed (original)
6M3AR Graf and Vogel Succeed (revised)
7M1  Graf and Vogel Set Out
7M2 Vogel's Dream
7M3 Interlude (original)
7M3R Interlude (revised)
8M1 Priest and Vogel
8M2 An Offetory Chant
9M1  Vogel Saves Inge
9M2  Hansen's Murder Attempt
9M3 "You're Safe"
9M4 Graf returns
9M5 Witchcraft
10M1 "Can Witches Cast Spells?"
10M2  Captain and Erica
11M1 The Village Attack (original)
11M1R The Village Attack (revised)
11M3 Night Battle (original)
11M3R Night Battle (revised)
12M1 Hansen's Death
12M2 Christmas Song
13M1 Erica and Gruber in Winter
13M2 [untitled]
13M3 Captain and Vogel in the Church
14M1 Captain Leaves Erica
14M2 An Evening Song
14M3 Preparations for Burning
15M1 Burning Erica
15M2 Attack at Rheinfelden
15M3 Vogel Forewarns (original)
15M3R Vogel Forewarns (revised)
16M1 The Death of Captain
16M1AR The Death of Captain (revised insert)


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