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DAVE GRUSIN: The Goonies (in Full Score)

DAVE GRUSIN: The Goonies (in Full Score)

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"Hey you guys!"

Richard Donner's nostalgic adventure The Goonies remains one of the most cherished films of the 1980's and has taken on cult classic status, thanks in part to the score by Dave Grusin (and the influence of producer Steven Spielberg). Grusin wasn't exactly a natural choice for the project. By the mid-1980's he had a successful career scoring films such as The Graduate, Three Days of the Condor, Tootsie, and On Golden Pond, in addition to his prolific output as a jazz performer. The Goonies proved to be a much larger-scale, lighthearted project than those he was typically assigned. Of course, Grusin rose to the challenge and crafted a score that, much like the film itself, was exhilarating, warm, and intelligent.

One reason that makes The Goonies so musically rich is that it manages to sound contemporary and fresh, while harking back to the sound of Golden Age Warner Bros classics like The Adventures of Don Juan (quoted verbatim by Grusin).

This edition was engraved from manuscripts in the hand of Greig McRitchie and Brad Warnaar

9x12 inches. 322 Pages. Paperbound. Printed in the USA




Table of Contents


1M1R Fratelli Chase (Revised)
1M2R Fratelli Chase Part II (Revised)
2M1 Map
2M2-3 Willie
3M1 The Goondocks (Goonies Theme)
3M4-4M0 Doubloon
4M1 Lighthouse
4M2  Cellar
4M3  Sloth
5M1 Restaurant Trash
5M2  The "It"
5M3  $50 Bill
5M4  Stiff
6M1 Kool
6M2 Plumbing
7M1 Skull
7M2 Signature
7M3 Bats
7M4 Blender
8M1 Wishing Well
8M1A Fratellis Find a Coin
8M4 Mikey's Vision
8M6 Oath
9M1 Booby Traps (Film Version)
9M1R Triple Stones
9M2 Pee Break
9M2A Slothspeare
9M3 Kissing Tunnel
9M4-10M0R They're Here - Skull Cave Chase (Film Version)
10M1 Playing the Bones
11M1 Waterslide
11M2 Galleon
11M3 Octopus
11M5 The Inferno
12M1 One Eyed Willie
12M2 Treasure
12M3 Data and Mouth
12M4 Walk the Plank
13M1 Mama and Sloth
13M2 The Fighting Fratellis
13M2A Sloth's Choice
13M2B Ultimate Booby Trap
13M3 The Reunion
14M1 Arrest
14M2 No Firme
14M2A Pirate Ship

Appendix: Supplimental Cues

M The Goonies Theme (Instrumental)
1M1 Fratelli Chase (Original Version)
9M4-10M0 They're Here (Original Version)
9M4-10M0A Skull Cave Chase (Original Version)


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