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BILL CONTI: For Your Eyes Only (in Full Score)

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After scoring Moonraker, John Barry was unable to return to the UK to score For Your Eyes Only, the twelfth entry in the EON Productions/United Artists James Bond franchise. Barry recommended Bill Conti, who had recently earned Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for Rocky and An Unmarried Woman. Producer Cubby Broccoli and director John Glen wanted For Your Eyes Only to return to the style of the early Ian Fleming 007 stories. The result was more grounded, gritty, and realistic than its predecessors.

Bond is ordered to recover recover a missile command system before Soviet agents, while becoming entangled in a web of deception spun by a Greek businessman and a woman seeking to avenge the murder of her parents. 

Conti delivered a disco-influenced score that continued the James Bond musical language created by John Barry in a fresh, new direction. In 1982, Conti received his second Oscar nomination for his work on For Your Eyes Only – Best Music, Original Song category, cementing his place in the pantheon of 007 composers.

Engraved from the original orchestrations by Pete Myers and Bobby Richards.

230 pages. 9 x 12. Paperbound. Printed in the USA




Foreword (Director: John Glen)



Table of Contents


1M1 Gunbarrel Logo
1M2 Theresa's Grave
1M3 Dumping Blofeld
1M4 For Your Eyes Only (Title Song)
2M1 Change of Watch
2M2 Moscow
2M3 Death of the Havelocks
2M4  San Martin
3M1  Stinger
3M2 Gonzalez Takes a Dive
3M3R  A Drive in the Country
3M4  Unfinished Business
4M1  Cortina
4M2 Ice Rink Practice
4M3 Ice Rink Waltz
4M4 Saving Melina
5M1 Sleigh Ride
5M2 Ski Chase I
5M2 Ski Chase II
6M1 Ski Chase III
6M2 Ferrara Killed
6M5 On the Terrace
7M5 Sexy Record
7M6 Lisl Klled
8M1 Dove to Warehouse
8M2 No Head for Heights
9M1 Underwater Meeting
9M3 Submarine
9M4 Divers Approach
10M1 Recovering the ATAC
10M2 Sub vs. Sub
11M1 Underwater Escape
11M3 St. Cyril's
11M4 The Climb
12M1 Inside the Monestery
12M2 Raid on St. Cyril's
13M1 PM Gets the Bird